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REMI CLAY : A famous Manufacture and Exporter of 100% Natural Eco friendly, Nontoxic Clay Cookware and Earthen Serving Range

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About Us

A famous Manufacture and Exporter of 100% Natural Eco friendly, Nontoxic Clay Cookware and Earthen Serving Range.

Deep Market Knowledge

We are an experienced firm with deep market knowledge and this helps us to stay ahead in the industry and surpass client prospect.  

Our Team

We have highly dedicated and skilled employees in every department of our enterprise who have the capability to work with perfection and come out with excellent results. 

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Hi-tech machines are operated by trained workers that timely upgrade them for smooth production process.

About Us

Remi Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is established as an eminent Manufacturer and Exporter of Clay Cookware, Clay Ware, Earthen Clay Cookware and Terracotta Clay Serving Range like Clay Cooker, Earthen Clay Water Bottle, Clay Handi, Earthen Pot, Earthen Curd Pot, etc. The products that are offered by us are crafted by our skilled and diligent experts by utilizing advanced methodology and optimum quality materials. We are equipped with advanced machinery, which are operated by our trained workers who timely upgrade these machinery for smooth production process. Our offered products are highly gratified in the market for their superior quality standards. Further, we also have an expert team, who thoroughly analyzed the quality of our product on several parameters. Besides, these experts utilize modern testing tools and machinery for sleuthing manufacturing loopholes to wipe out the possibilities of errors.

Significance of Cooking in Clay Pot-

The food served or cooked in earthen pots are rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and sulfur that ensure the well being of a human body. Cooking in earthen pots involves the use of minimum oil that retains the food’s natural oil and moisture. They are also eco-friendly in nature available with multiple benefits for body healthy and fit.

Benefits of using Clay Pot-

Maintains the nutritive value

As clay pots ensure slow cooking, they retain the moisture and heat in the food to maintain the nutritional level. In metal utensils, food loses their nutrition. When cooking meats, the thermal inertia aids the muscle proteins denature and collagen break down completely to keep it for long duration. They also neutralize the pH level and acidity present in food as they are alkaline in nature

Reduces oil consumption

As they cook food slowly, they cut down the extra oil and give moisture to food.

Enhances nutrients

Clay pots add varied important nutrients to the food such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and sulfur.

Add an earthy flavor

The earthy flavor and aroma of the earthen pots make the food unbeatable.